Stock update: sold SFR this morning to jump on the SEO train. Made a puny profit because it was just stagnant again. I will re-invest if I get a bit of profit of SEO. The question is, did I get in on time with SEO? Time will tell, needless to say the adrenalin is pumping this morning!

Update: 18:47

Mercy mercy me. What a rush this stocktrading is. I mean.. I haven’t done herion by f* it must be something like it. Despair to joy then exponential despair within 10 seconds. Anyway I bought into SEO at 1.25p, and about half an hour later the ass just fell right out of it. I mean totally – it went down to .65p (just under a 50% loss) within about half an hour. And within that time I was £600 down. Crazy. Anyway, I guessed it was those market movers shaking the tree, forcing all the stop loss’ to sell so they could mug them of their shares. Insane sell volumes.. good stuff to watch if you don’t have the shares but I did and I was so close to selling. But I figure.. it’s kind of free money and only a 5th of the total loan so let’s ride out the storm, I’ve got balls.. fight or flight and all that stuff. I pumped in another £250 with my non-loan cash at .78p which with hindsight looks like a good decision. Mind you I’ll replace that when my loan money comes in tomorrow.

My brother sold out for a £500 loss (finished on £3000, at one point he had £4000 for a £1k swing) so yeah. Anyway I held on and it’s climbed up to .95p.. hopefully it will rise steadily until the announcements next week. Great product I’ve got to add (retrospective research – I won’t jump in like that again).

Penny stocks are volatile.. there’s no 2 ways about it. You shouldn’t buy a penny stock unless you’re prepared to lose it all – I mean after all you’re prepared to double it aren’t you? I will watch this with great interest over the next few days. I hope I don’t get egg on my face lol.

Easy come, easy go. Easy come back again 😉


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