Fantastic morning for me on what was supposed to be my first day trading “full time”. I had to go into school to wrap up CAD and that was dusted after I traded for 25 minutes this morning and made a good 3 figure sum which has already surpassed my weekly target.

SCHE was the star performer. This dropped as low as 75% down on Friday, our trigger to short was sub 315p, however it opened down at 150p and hit lows of 50p which is just insane. It recovered later in the day, but tomorrow should be interesting.

I also traded TNI after reading a bad RNS, this stock has been crashing hard – and this provided a good chance to scalp out. I made good money in TNI, more so than in SCHE because I took a bigger position. Unfortunately for me the same old curse was college, as I sold out before I left because I couldn’t manage my trades while away. Had I held both I could have made over £1500, but at the end of the day, I took profits, and there was no guarantee I wouldn’t have sold early anyway on retracements.

Most of the stocks on the list are showing excellent form, and this week is looking to provide at a guess over 10 entries. I’m excited about tomorrow, and my focus will be on momentum plays for the first hour, followed by a closing trade or some to hold for the next few days. Downward momentum is just so strong right now, that you can literally choose a stock on selling volume that has opened down and ride it for a 20 minutes. I did that this morning with both and I was instantly in the blue on both trades.

I’ve also been checking out some past charts and the CIEN chart from a few weeks back has developed absolutely perfectly in line with my analysis and is down 25%. Interestingly here we approach a double bottom, in the UK I would be very bearish leading into this, but it should be good to watch what happens with US stocks.

The following stocks gave triggered entry signals today:

  • BG.
  • DGO
  • CBG – wait for confirmation over 550 tomorrow
  • RRS – knife candlestick requires confirmation tomorrow
  • PMO SIG TLPR a matter of pence away and expect signal in next 48 hours

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