I am on a momumental and unparalleled run of bad luck in my personal life at the moment; even wrecking a brand new white t-shirt 30minutes after I bought it by some choc milk basically exploding all over it – and I buy choc milk and wear white t-shirts all the time – so wtf!? This also means that I can’t really clean it because it’s a certainty that either it will shrink and be useless, the washing machine will ruin it (as it does everything else) or I won’t make it on time to hang it out (upside down, from the bottom) and the shoulders will be stretched as wide as the Grand Canyon.

The list just keeps getting bigger, and I can only imagine that it’s getting so big because I am noticing every tiny thing that’s going wrong at the moment. So I’ve bought some EuroMillions tickets for tonights £108million draw, and I expect a sudden and severe change in my luck soon. The probability is that I win and get mugged by a bunch of kids who claim the prize, or the government will introduce a 99.999% tax on lottery winnings the day I claim.

Needless to say with this much terrible luck I am not trading at the moment. If I were I’d still be long UNG on a perfect breakout. I am amazed to see the amount of people on StockTwits who responded to this technical move, rather than anticipate it. Not to be a horn blower but April 4th people;

I would also be keen on DRYS on a pullback to $7.50, yet again with DRYS, watch for the 20ema on the daily with consecutive lower volume days on the decline;

And LDK should it drop go $8.80-$9 on consecutive lower volume days than Thursday, watch the 20/50 on the daily;

Update later;
The run continues. Went for a work out and DRYS bounced off the 20EMA by nearly 50 cents in 5 minutes.


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