Intra-day Action

Ralph Lauren is literally the strongest stock relative to consumer goods and the S&P  and I’m short.  The strength compared to LIZ in particular (down 5%) is just ridiculous.

AEIS is literally the weakest stock relative to the Nasdaq and I’m long (have sold off 2/3 with 1/3 remaining).

That says enough about my week so far.

Elsewhere in equities I mentioned yesterday but didn’t trade:

HOG Double Top

HOG Double Top

SSO Bear Flags

SSO Bear Flags

I’m going to blame my poor decision making skills this week on the fact that I’ve just started to watch the markets on an intra-day basis again in the latter part of last week.  These bad trades (so far) have taught me some lessons that I can incorporate into my trading.  Mainly about relative strength and sector strength.  Secondly to just wait for the absolute premium entry like the HOG double top from yesterday.

Getting the setups is easy enough, the evaulation and actual trade execution remains the difficult part.


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