Who am I?

My name is Steve and I’m a trading enthusiast, volunteer and part-time engineering student from Scotland.

How I get started?

I was born in the UK but spent the majority of my teenage years in Australia, where trading is more widespread and encouraged. My Mother and Brother started trading during this period which started my interest.

A number of years passed before 2008, when I enrolled in College and used my student loan to fund my long-term interest in the stock market, starting with the UK markets before moving it Stateside a few months later. This was why I became ‘The Student Loan Ranger’.

How I learned

Everything I have learned about trading has been self-taught. I haven’t worked in the industry and my tertiary education so far is in Engineering.

I have never paid for educational content and I believe the best way to learn is to pay tuition fees at the school of hard knocks – losing your shirt will teach you much more about trading than any course or book.

Besides actively trading, there are a few resources worth checking out in the ‘Reading List’ section.

What’s the blog for?

This blog is a platform for me to chronicle my development as a trader and share my experiences and views for other traders, particularly those just starting out.


I believe the key to consistent profits us a solid trading plan and a sound understanding of risk and account management.

Technical skills (technical or fundamental analysis) are the secondary skillset which are much easier to develop. I do not personally use any lagging indicators as direct price and participation stats are the only variables I need – price action, sentiment and market internals.

What do I do outside of trading?

I’m studying for a degree in mechanical engineering at RGU. On the weekends I play amateur soccer around the region for my local club. I use Linux and have an interest in statistical analysis and software development.

Very passionate about capital markets at all times! You will find me in the gym four or five times a week.

Role Models?

Buffet, Tepper and Schwarzenegger.

Student Loan Ranger.. next to a boat..


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Just looking at my ‘incoming links’ and found this blog. Thankfully your analysis is of a much higher quality than the movies you like πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for providing the resources as you learn more and more. Think or Swim is a fantastic tool. I’ll be checking out some of your scans and scripts. Thanks again for sharing. If I come up with anything to contribute, I’ll try to let you know. If you have a recommended platform or XLS or Google Docs spreadsheet for tracking your trades, please share. Many are entirely too complicated, and some too simple, so I’ve begun building my own, but thought I’d at least inquire with a pro on what he uses. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for any insight, and I look forward to more posts and sharing…

    • Hi Brett, thanks for leaving a comment!

      I recommend using Google Drive to keep track of your trades as it’s easy to view and edit across multiple devices/locations.

      You’re right about the spreadsheets out there, I started my own too (originally in Excel, then moved to Drive) because I prefer the DIY approach and customisation specific to the information I need from it.

      I found analysing the raw trade data very helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses, which improved my overall results. My advice is not to focus on the actual P&L of individual trades, as that is not always the best measure of your trading.

      If you need any ideas with the spreadsheet, I can give you the link to a copy of my old one on Drive with some sample data for you to play around with.

      Also depending on what type of trader you are, I’d definitely recommend learning thinkscript and some of the advanced scanning methods on the TOS platform.

      Happy trading!


      • Hi Steve,
        Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely eating up TOS, and digging in more and more. If you don’t mind sharing the old spreadsheet, please enlighten. Also, if I can help you in some way with the website, let me know. That is my strength and I’d enjoy helping. πŸ˜‰

      • Sorry for the late reply! My old one seems to have gone awol from Drive. If I get free time this coming weekend I’ll make another one up there and make it public so you can view the formulas etc.

        Planning to freshen up the site and take it off WordPress next year actually, been spending a lot of time on youtube looking at CSS3 tutorials lately!

  3. Consider sticking with WordPress, but .org instead of WordPress.com. Then you can put all those CSS chops you’re learning to work! πŸ˜‰ I don’t want you to dig too much or recreate stuff just for me, but whatever formulas come up could be handy… Feel free to let me know if you’d like to trade some trading knowledge for website knowledge. Thx!

  4. Hi Steve,

    This is an awesome website. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I have a question regarding “Bull Flags”. Do you have a scan in TOS that would look for Bull Flags intraday on a 5 min. chart. Please let me know.


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