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Risk management articles

Longevity is the key – How to build your primary and secondary risk management strategies explained. Will help you discover whether or not you will be able to maintain your balance long enough to actually learn how to trade efficiently.

Plot your potential – An article that will help new traders plot a realistic equity curve and begin to model a trading strategy around that information.

A little about R – It is important to measure your performance in terms of initial risk. This article briefly explains how you can improve your risk and trading strategies using simple calculations.

Trading probabilities & account management – An article that shows how important allocation, maximum risk and position sizing are to a healthy equity curve with small drawdowns.

Excel risk calculator – The calculator I use for position sizing and scale-in levels.

Statistical performance analysis

Inside the Traders Toolbox: The Barcode Indicator – An article to help you plot your data to see if you are trading in correllation with the market, and an early warning system to help you manage risk in times of chop

Review and outlook – An article that shows how I evaluate the stats of my trading month and look for ideas to improve my performance

Q1 review – How I disseminate my monthly trading stats in order to gauge relative performance – it is very important to continually review your own actions.

Outperforming or underperforming? – At times you may have a gut feeling that says you aren’t doing too well, or are doing spectacular. You must not let these emotions affect your discipline. They key is to analyse whether your gut shot is correct, and adjust your strategy accordingly to achieve maximum efficiency.

Pattern/Scan/Automated-Trading development

NewStat Grinding & Scan Building series

Bull Flag – A series of posts where the price and volume data that forms short-term bull flags is disseminated and analyzed in order to first build a scan then an indicator and finally an automated trading system based on the statistics.

Contains some advanced content: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Anatomy of the ascending wedge formation – Some research into the fundamental changes in price action that form the ascending wedge. Emphasis here is on building up averages so that you can quickly evaluate similar formations to see if they have an increased probability.

Trading plan

Trading information: The right balance – An article that outlines the key factors that should be factored in to your trading decisions. Trading is not just about buying support and selling resistance.


Trading psychology feat. Rant – My thoughts on trading for a living versus a “career”.


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