Thinkscript indicators/scans/systems

Most of what I program in thinkscript is specifically designed to be either part of a trading system or display data more aesthetically so I can interpret it faster.  95% of my coding would only make sense to me, but here are a some freebies.

The flag-work was coded when I was fairly new to thinkscript so are a little rough around the edges (longer than they need to be).

WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload .ts or .txt files, so they are in Word format.

Click here for a tutorial on how to install these thinkscripts and use them as custom watchlists.

Bull flag indicator

Plots signal, stop-loss and target levels on chart when bullish continuation parameters on daily chart true.  The scan is best used after lunchtime (for current true entries) or on close (to plan orders for the next morning)

Bear flag indicator

Plots signal, stop-loss and target levels on chart when bearish continuation parameters on daily chart true.  Same story as above on scan time.

Example automated trading system

Disbanded project for automated trading/signals for trading ES on 512 tick setting.  Lack of flexibility with linear regression functions and order management within tos led me to stop developing it.

Here’s some of the basic long side code and order triggers.  You can copy and then inverse the numbers and operators to create the short version – however these are two separate strategies and should not be applied to the same chart or account.

Reference sheets

Here are the sheets I used to use on a daily basis when I day traded stocks.  These are pretty handy if you’re new to trading and want a quick reference point for sectors.  Helps you drill down and find relative strength and weakness.

Basic Materials / Consumer Discretionary / Financials / Industrials / Consumer Staples / Tech

I’ll upload my day trading record keeping sheet and position sizing reference once I de-badge them.

Trade Setup sheets

Reference sheets for new traders on a few of my favoured technical setups.  Coming soon.

Statistical Analysis

Journal template for in-depth analysis of your trading behaviour.  Uploading soon.


Currently learning how to program trade analysis software for speedier analysis of trade history.


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