Reading List

It’s been well over a year since I updated this page, so here’s some fresh info.  As I gain more and more experience as a trader, the kind of information I want to read has changed a great deal so I’m going to split a few things up here.

Beginner (I assume you at least know what trading is) reading list;

Trading in the Zone – Mark Douglas

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom – Van Tharpe

Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis – Jack Schwager

A Beginners Guide to Trading Online – Toni Turner

Informed Trades

  • The video tutorials on this site are where I learned almost everything I know about technical analysis.  This is a wonderful resource for those to get used to chart reading.  However, although it is good to learn about the indicators (MACD etc) I would not advise using them in any way in your trading.


  • There is a vast amount of information available on here.  Best used to find info on sector relative strength/weakness etc.  If you check back here every night for a few weeks, you will soon learn what I mean about relative strength and sector rotation.


  • Psychology is probably the most important aspect in trading, and this is a truly excellent education destination.


The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable – Nassim Nicholas Taleb (currently reading)

Zero Hedge

  • Great site for macro economic and inter-market information.

CME Group

  • The educational sections has hundreds of white papers on trading strategies as well as an abundance of market statistics and information.

CBOT Market Profile Study Guide

  • Excellent resource for understanding the auction market theory concept

Personal favourites

I used to read a lot of other blogs in my early days but now I only check a few regularly

  1. Electronic Local – Market profile and rules based trading systems
  2. Trading Naked resource library – Lots of articles, papers and books on trading
  3. Bankrobber – Trades the charts, simple as
  4. Day Trading Radio – I Idolized this guy when I started, still check in now and again


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